Where’s My Mickey?

Game Website: https://appsupport.disney.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000783486-Retired-Disney-Interactive-Games-and-Apps

Company: Disney

Game Synopsis:

Where’s My Mickey? is a puzzle game based the water physics of Where’s My Water?. As the Lead Level Designer, Jake created content, organized overall strategy, managed junior designers, and supported the Lead Game Designer in the creation of core mechanics. As a member of the core team, he iterated on the design from it’s inception to solve problems and create an exciting experience for fans of the “Where’s My…” franchise and innovate for a brand-new physics puzzle challenge.

My role:

  • Designed levels using the proprietary editor and image software through concept to release version.
  • Supported the Lead Game Designer to create new mechanics for a new “Where’s My…” title
  • Part of the Writing Team which created the scripts for animated intros and outros to all game chapters.
  • Facilitated live playtesting and analyzed the data to improve prospective levels.