Where’s My Perry?

Game Website: http://disney.go.com/wheres-my-perry/

Company: Disney

Game Synopsis:

Where’s My Perry? is a puzzle game based the water physics of Where’s My Water, another title I worked at Disney Mobile. Combining the hit game with the popular character Agent P from Disney’s Phineas and Ferb, Where’s My Perry puts a new spin on the classic gameplay. With the OWCA transport tubes out of commission, the player helps guide water through digging in various puzzles to help Perry reach his important briefings at HQ. Each pack introduces a new mechanic including: multiple fluid types, steam, ice, lasers, mirrors, and celebrate-inators.

As a member of the project team from its inception, I helped create the new mechanics that would stay true to the classic gameplay of Where’s My Water? and create a new interactions for the player.

My role:

  • Designed levels using the proprietary editor and image software through concept to release version. Made contributions to the original four packs at the game’s release.
  • Participated in concept and design for future mechanics
  • Assisted with live playtesting and analyzed the data to improve prospective levels.