Exiles of Embermark

no official trailer

Game Website: https://www.exilesofembermark.com/

Company: Gunslinger Studios

Game Synopsis:

Exiles of Embermark is a Mobile RPG, created using the Unreal Engine to create a immersive role-playing experience. Built to create a deep game experience on the mobile platform combining the strengths of a casual platform with a classic game genre. Combat between players and NPC characters featured a short-turn based competition which included resource generation and combat modifiers.

The game is not yet released.

My role:

  • Designed PvE game loop featuring quests, dungeons, the world map, and daily/weekly challenges.
  • NPC Design and Development to create the foundation of a PvE combat experience.
  • Planned the Tutorials and onboarding for the First Time Player Experience (FTUE)
  • Wrote narrative and lore for the game world
  • Supported Economy design for a loot-box based free-to-play model