Club Penguin Island

Club Penguin Island has been removed from the app stores in December 2018. For more information about my contributions and player videos, check out the Club Penguin Island Diving page!

Club Penguin Island is a modern sequel to the classic MMO experience created especially for kids. Club Penguin Island reimagines the Antarctic home of the penguins with a full 3D world and features new gameplay & adventures with all the favorite mascots.

Embark on adventures across the island including the town square, a lively beach, Rockhopper’s pirate ship, a massive sledding mountain, and mysterious underwater caves.

Role: Game Designer & Level Designer

  • Developed proof-of-concept digital prototypes (out of engine) for new gameplay for new Diving and Fishing activities
  • Created core mechanics for the Diving adventure including obstacle objects, NPC enemies, air bubbles, and speed boosts.
  • Designed initial blockouts and iterations for the diving level and the final iteration of the swimming racetrack.
  • Collaborated with the external Kelowna studio while working remotely, enhancing my ability to work and communicate outside of same office development.